Air Freight Digit Code

• IATA airport code: by the International Air Transport Association (International Air Transport Association, called IATA) number of airports, usually consists of three letters. It is published in the IATA airport code directory,
it is the most common airport code, used on public occasions.
• ICAO airport code: developed by the International Civil Aviation Organization (International Civil Aviation Organizition, referred to as the ICAO), a specific ICAO see the DOC7910, with four letters to identify the airport,
less use of the public, mainly for air traffic management department of inter transmission flight dynamics.
Support integrated query and classification query, fuzzy query.
If the input "Al% group" (middle of the "%" represents 0 or more of any character) to query the "Albuquerque."
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Code words 城市(中文) City State Country Area Remark
HAP 汉皮湾 Happy Bay 昆士兰州(QLD) 澳大利亚 Australia 大洋洲
HAO 哈密尔顿 Hamilton 俄亥俄州(OH) 美国 U.S.A 北美洲
HAN 河内 Hanoi 越南 Vietnam 亚洲
HAM 汉堡 Hamburg 德国 Germany 欧洲
HAL 哈拉里 Halali 南非 South Africa 非洲南部
HAK 海口 Haikou 中国 China 亚洲
HAI 三河城 Three Rivers 密歇根州(MI) 美国 U.S.A 北美洲
HAJ 汉诺威 Hanover 德国 Germany 欧洲
HAH 莫罗尼 Moroni 科摩罗 Comoros 非洲
HAG 海牙市 Den Haag 荷兰 Netherlands 欧洲西北部
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