Air Freight Digit Code

• IATA airport code: by the International Air Transport Association (International Air Transport Association, called IATA) number of airports, usually consists of three letters. It is published in the IATA airport code directory,
it is the most common airport code, used on public occasions.
• ICAO airport code: developed by the International Civil Aviation Organization (International Civil Aviation Organizition, referred to as the ICAO), a specific ICAO see the DOC7910, with four letters to identify the airport,
less use of the public, mainly for air traffic management department of inter transmission flight dynamics.
Support integrated query and classification query, fuzzy query.
If the input "Al% group" (middle of the "%" represents 0 or more of any character) to query the "Albuquerque."
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Code words 城市(中文) City State Country Area Remark
AAY 艾尔格哈达 Al Ghaydah 也门 Yemen 中东
AAX 阿拉夏 Araxa 米纳斯吉达斯州(MG) 巴西 Brazil 南美洲
AAW 阿伯塔巴德 Abbottabad 巴基斯坦 Pakistan 南亚
AAV 安拉 Alah 菲律宾 Philippines 亚洲
AAU 亚骚 Asau 萨摩亚 Samoa 太平洋岛屿
AAT 阿勒泰 Altay 中国 China 亚洲
AAS 阿帕拉普希里 Apalapsili 印度尼西亚 Indonesia 亚洲
AAR 奥胡斯 Aarhus 丹麦 Denmark 北欧
AAQ 阿纳帕 Anapa 俄罗斯 Russia 欧洲
AAP 休斯敦 Houston 得克萨斯州(TX) 美国 U.S.A 北美洲
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